Hello Boys and Girls!

Hi boys and girls! I'm Bosco

Bosco the Irish Puppet on RTÉ

Hello boys and girls, I’m Bosco! I’m Ireland’s most famous puppet and although I’ve been around since the late seventies, I’m just five years old.

I used to have a show on the telly on RTÉ; maybe you remember it? Even though it's been a while since I had my own TV show, I still travel all over the country doing live shows to entertain boys and girls of all ages.

Some of my proudest moments throughout the years include:

I’m currently learning how to type so that I can use the internet a bit more. Typing is REALLY difficult for me, as I’m sure you can imagine. I also have a new smart phone because they told me all the cool boys and girls are on Snatchap, or Chatsnap, I’m not sure what it’s called.

I have lots of really lovely friends from all over the country that I've met and worked with over the years. In my spare time I like to go to the zoo, hang out with Dustin, make rockets out of toilet paper holders, and watch Netflix. I also love playing Make & Do - but I always need a grownup to help with me with the scissors!

If you’d like to say hello you can get me at info@boscosbox.com, or you can find me on some different social media networks by searching for boscosbox.

Upcoming Shows

Bosco Presents Hansel & Gretel

Bosco Presents Hansel and Gretel

When: Sat 7 April 2018

Where: Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick

Bosco Presents Cinderella

Bosco Presents Cinderella

When: Saturday 12 May 2018, 12pm and 2pm

Where: Everyman Theatre, Cork

Bosco Presents Hansel & Gretel

Bosco Presents Hansel and Gretel

When: 13 May 2018

Where: The Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Bosco supports LauraLynn Ireland with WEEE Ireland

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