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Did you know that I can come to visit you on your birthday? I can! It doesn't even have to be a birthday.

I can visit you at home and, with the help of my friend Paula, we can put on a show just for you and your friends!

So if you have a birthday or any kind of party coming up, why not send us an email at

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My friend Paula!

If there is one thing that I especially love it's puppet theatre!

One of my best friends in the whole world, Paula Lambert, owns her own theatre called the Paula Lambert Puppet Theatre. Paula has had a very long career in puppet theatre and has been actively touring around Ireland with her puppet theatre for 25 years. Paula worked on the TV shows Wanderly Wagon (1968 – 1982) as the Squirrels, and onFortycoats & Co. (1980s - early 1990s) as Spooky the Cat. She also worked with me on Bosco (1981 - 1987) and Action Station Saturday.

Paula has been involved with puppet theatre since she was a little girl - she grew up working with the famous Lambert Puppet Theatre. Paula's daddy, Eugene Lambert, was the man who introduced the art of puppet theatre to a wide audience in Ireland. In the 1960s, Eugene worked with RTÉ making marionette shows for television - including Carta Hudai (1962, written by Padraig O’Neill), Murphy agus a Cairde (1963 - 1967, written by Padraig O’Neill), and Brogeen follows the Magic Tune (1967, based on the popular children’s book by Patricia Lynch). Paula worked on Murphy agus a Cairde and Brogeen follows the Magic Tune, even though she was only very little!

Eugene and his wife Mai, Paula's mammy, travelled around Europe and visted The Harlequin Puppet Theatre in the Welsh town of Colwyn Bay, and attended an International Puppet Festival in the city of Prague. They were amazed to see so many children attend the puppet shows and were delighted by how much the children love the shows. Inspired by what they saw, they decided to do something similar for the children of Ireland; so, in 1972, they founded the well-known Lambert Puppet Theatre.

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